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Our mission is to provide accurate, compliant and timely enhanced background reports with the most advanced risk intelligence and information security platform while employing a client-first philosophy with unparalleled customer service.


Our vision is to maintain client alliances and increase our market share by producing quality market-demand products, assisting our clients to mitigate risk.


Our strategy is constantly improving our process by investing in the best data intelligence and risk analysts, including their skills and ongoing training in compliance.


Our Knowledgeable Team Sets Us Apart


Suzanne Bury

Chief Executive Officer | Chief Marketing Officer

Sue oversees the strategic direction, business operations and marketing of the Denver based holding company, 1STWEST Background Due Diligence and its affiliates. Ms. Bury’s bonds to 1STWEST span over the past 26 years, starting with her role as a consultant in transitioning 1STWEST Background Due Diligence’s affiliate, 1stWEST Financial Corporation, from an asset search service business in 1991, to also a front-end background investigations company and securing 1stWEST Financial’s early and ongoing resilient brand positioning within the corporate finance industry. Ms. Bury was named Chief Executive Officer of 1stWEST Financial in 2014 to replace CEO and Chairman, Jerry Oldham, who was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in 2013 and later passed away in 2015.

Building on the strong foundation and brand allegiance of 1stWEST Financial in the corporate finance industry, Ms. Bury formed 1STWEST Background Due Diligence to pursue strategic business opportunities for the 1STWEST brand. Sue’s leadership and expertise in sweeping improvements to efficiency has enhanced 1STWEST’s risk intelligence platform, maintaining 1STWEST’s time-tested foundation that has earned an impeccable reputation as a sustained forerunner in background due diligence since 1991.

Ms. Bury is a big picture visionary and has extensive experience in the conceptualization and execution of strategic plans to achieve mission critical results, raising capital, contract negotiations, licensing, product design, global   product launches, media relations, operations, sales and marketing.  Ms. Bury has held executive business and marketing positions with public and small to mid-sized companies as well as award-winning achievements as a highly-specialized business and marketing consultant to many notable global brands.   Ms. Bury is an effective on-air  lifestyle host and expert/media spokesperson representing diverse industry brands both nationally and internationally.

Ms. Bury actively engages in speaking opportunities, contributes as an industry expert panel participant and submits blogs/articles with numerous industry associations in specialized subject matters regarding social fabrication- the new normal of lying, reputation risk and brand protection, contingent liability exposure and fraud.

B.S. Degree – University of Iowa

E-mail: s.bury@1stwest.com | Tel: (866) 670-3443 and/or Cell: (303) 619-6757

Debbie Allbritten

President | Executive Operating Officer – Corporate Finance and Small Business Divisions

Debbie supervises order intake for 1STWEST’s Corporate Finance and Small Business divisions. Ms. Allbritten’s responsibilities also include the oversight of 1STWEST’s proprietary comprehensive risk intelligence platform for 1STWEST’s corporate finance and small business products as well as national and international vendor relations.      Ms. Allbritten was one of the original co-founders of 1STWEST Financial Corporation in 1991, an affiliate company of 1STWEST Background Due Diligence, along with former CEO and Chairman, Jerry Oldham, who passed away of Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)  in 2015.

Ms. Allbritten has over 25 years of financial background due diligence and asset investigations and a broad background in commercial bank operations, corporate and real estate finance, title insurance and fraud investigations.

Graduate of the Colorado School of Banking

E-mail: d.allbritten@1stwest.com | Tel: (800) 411-6975

Kelli Clayton

Executive Vice President | Chief Operating Officer

1STWEST Background Due Diligence, Corporate Finance and Small Business Divisions

Kelli manages the comprehensive background investigations division for 1STWEST’s corporate finance and small business divisions. Ms. Clayton’s team is located at 1STWEST’s satellite production office in Kansas City, MO.  Ms. Clayton has significant experience in financial background investigations, banking and operations management.  Ms. Clayton leads an advanced team of highly-skilled risk analysts in the strict compliant research methodology and reporting process of delivering the most accurate background reports available today on subjects and companies.

Before joining 1STWEST in 1996, Ms. Clayton held positions in senior management in the commercial banking industry.

 E-mail: k.clayton@1stwest.com | Tel: (888) 803.9378

Earl David

Chief Information Officer | Security Officer – 1STWEST Background Due Diligence

Earl manages the IT environment and related technical infrastructure information security for offices of 1STWEST Background Due Diligence and its affiliates. Mr. David also interfaces with clients to facilitate data security requests as it relates to client relationship operations. Earl has extensive technology sales, marketing, account relationship management and operations experience in the commercial lending industry.

Prior to joining 1STWEST, Earl’s 25 years of diverse experience included project management, software development and outsource management. He also has extensive experience in all phases of project planning and third party interfaces, networking hardware/software and contract negotiations.

E-mail: e.david@1stwest.com | Tel: (866) 670-3443

Lynn Anderson

Chief Compliance Officer | 1STWEST Background Due Diligence and its Affiliates

Chief Operations Officer | Key Partnership and Executive Hire-Employment Risk Screening Divisions

Lynn supervises the intake process for 1STWEST’s Key Partnership Vetting, Executive Hire and Employment Risk Screening Divisions.  Ms. Anderson oversees 1STWEST’s compliance team as Chief Compliance Officer in regard to lender due diligence, business transactions, and employment background screening, ensuring compliance with regulations, federal and state laws and FCRA related matters. Ms. Anderson manages all aspects of the 1STWEST Risk Intelligence Technology platform for Employment Risk Screening and Key Partnership Vetting including strategic vendor relations nationally and internationally.

Lynn has been with 1STWEST since 2003 and during her tenure with 1stWEST Financial, excelled as a Lead Senior Research Analyst. Ms. Anderson possesses extensive experience in financial, corporate and legal investigations, as well as significant experience in business process analysis and improvement. Prior to joining 1STWEST, Ms. Anderson held positions as operations manager for a background investigations firm where she developed and implemented new processes and streamlined procedures to improve productivity, customer service and return on investment. She also has held management positions at a high profile corporate investigations firm and a legal investigations firm.

Lynn served eight years as an officer in the USAF, culminating as a team chief with the Air Combat Command Inspector General, where she was responsible for conducting worldwide audits, investigations, assessments and inspections to evaluate unit efficiency and ensure compliance with federal directives. During her time in the Air Force Lynn’s assignments also included Chief of Combat Readiness and Resources at a Strategic Air Command base where she oversaw the deployment of personnel and equipment during Desert Storm; Chief of Aerial Port Operations at the largest airbase in the Republic of South Korea; a division chief at Headquarters Air Mobility Command responsible for managing the operational readiness as well as contingency and humanitarian airlift support staffing of personnel and equipment at multiple worldwide locations; as head of base wide process analysis and improvement at an Air Combat Command base; and as head of vehicle maintenance operations at an Air Combat Command base.

Graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and the Denver Paralegal Institute
National Association of Professional Background Screeners | FCRA Basic Certification
E-mail: l.anderson@1stwest.com | Tel: (866) 670-3443